conservation fund

Our Project

TCF is currently implementing "Conservation of the Eg-Uur and Olon Gol Watershed" project. The project aims to establish a partnership between the local communities, government institutions, and tourist companies to collaboratively and proactively establish a natural resource management regime for the Eg-Uur and Olon Gol watershed area, which covers Hovsgol, Arkhangai and Bulgan provinces.

Integrated Watershed Management System

In order to enhance local community and private sector cooperation on biodiversity conservation and natural resource use, TCF has facilitated local communities to establish Watershed Management Committee (WMC). The WMC is the ecosystem advisory body for the watershed and responsible for designing policies and passing regulations with the consent of the local governments through the District committees (DCs) for the Watershed concerning natural recourse uses and conservation activities. The District Committees are the most inclusive, high participatory link for the local communities in the watershed inter-district management system.

Research work

We are hosting a research study conducted by the Universities of Wisconsin Madison , Nevada - Reno, and California-Davis (USA), and the Mongolian Institute of Geoecology. This research study is the most extensive study of Hucho taimen ever conducted not only in Mongolia, but also worldwide. The objective of the science team is to provide a scientific basis for the sustainability of the catch-and-release practices in the Watershed river system. The study assesses population status, migrations, threats to healthy populations of taimen, and the role of taimen as a part of the broader Watershed area ecosystem.

Environmental Education

Since education and communication activities are essential in influencing people’s attitudes and practices concerning biodiversity conservation, TCF gives special emphasis to insure an equal and knowledgeable public participation in project by raising cohesive awareness on sustainable conservation efforts of the Eg-Uur and Olon Gol Watershed area among general public. An Education and Outreach Strategy of TCF includes workshops that promote biodiversity related awareness and the distribution of environmental education materials. Corresponding educational information integrates all aspects of the project including science work, mining issues, concession benefits, cultural components, and anti- poaching patrol. Ecoclubs are established in district secondary schools throughout watershed area. The clubs provide support to students interested in environmental issues, in acquiring ecological education and in cooperation with them.

Conservation through culture

Mongolian is a nation with traditions and practices of worshipping and protecting the nature that date back deep into the history. One of the centerpieces of this project is the rebuilding of Dayan Deerkh monastery, a significant historical importance for Buddhist and Shamanist religions in the watershed area. The Tributary Fund, TCF’s sister organization is fully funding the monastery rebuilding as well as 5 local children study in the main national Buddhist monastery-Gandantegchinlin who are interested to be a lama at the Dayan Deerkhi monastery. The Dayan Deerkhi monastery will be a facility for traditional nature-based ethics and environmental dialogue as well as an attractive site for the tourists, further diversifying the ecotourism opportunities in the region.

TCF welcomes you sharing our mission of a sustainable conservation in Eg-Uur and Olon Gol Watershed Area.