Fishing Tours

A Guided Fishing Adventure' for an unforgettable experience on the water. Our expert guides will take you to prime fishing spots where you can reel in the big catch of the day.

About our Fishing Tour

Our lodges are located on the banks of the Eg, Uur, Ider, Chuluut, Delgermoron, and Selenge rivers and provide a wonderful home during your travels in Mongolia. Anglers stay in the gers or lodges while at a camp. Gers are the Mongolian felt tents which dot the Mongolian countryside. Each ger has been upgraded to include electric lights, hot water, wooden stoves, wooden floors and comfortable beds. These spacious Mongolian homes are comfortable and offer clients a truly unique living experience. Staying in a ger is one of the highlights of the trip for the clients.

Years of Experience

Camps are staffed by Mongolian staff. Each staff member has been selected to insure a quality experience for guests. Mongolian fishing guides have worked for several years. Days on the river are spent with professional guides for whom guiding is a profession, not a summer job. Evenings are spent with the Mongolian staff who, with the help of a certified translator, will entertain you with stories of Mongolian winters and life as a nomadic herder. They are a delightful people, and even the most intense anglers find the cultural interaction with Mongolians to be one of the highlights of their trip.

Taimen conservation fund

Taimen Conservation Fund is a Mongolian based non-governmental organization that is dedicated to protecting the world’s largest salmon, the taimen. By integrating conservation, community development, economic incentives and cultural perspectives, we are working within communities that live in Eg-Uur rivers, the main taimen habitat, not only in Mongolia, but in the world.

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Our Fishing Lodges

Tarvagatai Lodge

Khovsgol Province

Togol Lodge

Khovsgol Province

Dulaan Khan Lodge

Bulgan Province

Olon Gol Lodge

Khovsgol Province

Emt Lodge

Khovsgol Province