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About us

About us

Hovsgol Travel LLC is one of the pioneers in Mongolian tourism industry. After its establishment in 1991 with only three Mongolian traditional yurts at the shore of the Lake Khuvsgul hosting international tourists, the company has expanded its operation to two camps, Toilogt and DoubleLake at the shore of the Lake Khuvsgul and 5 fishing lodges among some of the most pristine rivers of Mongolia.

Our Vision

Empowering unforgettable journeys,

Our vision is to be the premier travel company, connecting people with the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences of Mongolia, fostering a sense of adventure and creating lifelong memories.

Our Mission

Dedicated to exceeding expectations

Our mission is to provide exceptional camping, fishing, and travel tours, blending comfort with authentic exploration. We aim to showcase the beauty of Mongolia, promote sustainable tourism practices, and leave a positive impact on the communities we touch, ensuring every traveler discovers the magic of our diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.