Toilogt ger camp is located on the northwest side of the lake to insure tourists the comfort of a hotel, while enjoying their outdoor pursuits around the lake. Mongolian and other different cuisine are prepared daily by our expert cooks. While you enjoy meals like grilled leg of lamb or beef dumplings, our professional folk singing and dancing group “Dalai Eej” will play a variety of traditional melodies, with dancing and singing such as “Hoomi” throat singing.

Due to our quality service, advanced infrastructure and good environment, about 90 percent of the tourists coming to Hovsgol stay at our camps.

Prime location -. 1 hour 20 min flight from Ulaanbaatar and then drive 150 km from Moron capital of Hovsgol province on paved road now it takes only 2 and half hours to drive to our camp. And from this year Eznis airways will land their planes at Hatgal, which is southern town of the Hovsgol lake and from this town you can reach our camp by boat on the lake or by bus along the shore.

Toilogt ger camp has the capacity to house 100 clients a day:

  • The camp has 20 traditional gers  
  • 10 Vigvams
  • 8 Cabins
  • Restaurant, bar, children’s playground and Mongolian traditional game center  

The camp is fully equipped with:

  • Sauna & Showers
  • Solar electricity
  • Internet
  • Souvenir shop  

We offer variety of tours from our camp:

  • 7 days and 12 days horseback riding tour –camping outdoor
  • Mountain biking tour
  • Canoe and Kayak tour
  • Boating on Hovsgol lake
  • Fishing tour
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Experiencing nomadic culture tours

Responsible, Ecological and Community based Tourism
We pride ourselves on our responsible approach to tourism. Simply defined, responsible tourism aims to maximize the positive impacts and to minimize negatives of tourism.